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    sb2sb.com is a B2B (business-to-business) platform that connects entrepreneurs with business ideas, opportunities, information, services, suppliers of raw materials, equipment and finished goods to make a success of their business.

    Daily Brief

    • We have added All "A" businesses so far
    • Framework is almost complete
    • International Trade is work in progress
    • Listings will be added soon
    • One month from launch
  • Business of the day


    Abseiling is the controlled descent off a vertical cliff using a rope. This business provides products and services to climbers, mountaineers and tourists.

    Business Models
    • Manufacturing of abseiling equipment
    • Sales and Rental of abseiling equipment
    • Abseiling trips (service business)


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  • Country of the day


    Afghanistan is a landlocked country located in South-Central Asia.

    Trade Data

    Main Import Wheat Flours
    Main Import Partner Pakistan
    Main Export Grapes
    Main Export Partner India
    Top Import from SA Aircraft Parts
    Top Export to SA Aircraft Parts


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