is a B2B platform that connects buyers and sellers, builds supply, value, and logistics chains, and grows businesses. It is a minimalist lead generation platform to post and reply to buy, sell, hire, rent, barter, and network leads. It assists with sourcing and selling. It is where small business buy-leads, sell-leads, sourcing, and supply converge.

The platform consists of various micromarketplaces that link supply and demand in real time. As the platform grows and markets become more and more targeted, we want each market to act as a framework to complete a project.

We also have much more liberal listing policies than many other platforms ("anything legal"), with very few caveats (see FAQ's).

Platform is an end-to-end supply, value, and logistics chain platform that provides backward and forward linkages from the supplier of raw materials, manufacture, and distribution to retail. To the "after service" of cleaning, maintenance, repair, as well as refurbishing, repurposing, and recycling.

To use a leather example, connect the abattoir to the tannery to the wholesaler, and then connect the entrepreneur, who will turn the raw material into a finished good, whether a purse or handbag, then to retail and the consumer. And even selling or repusposing the leather offcuts into keyrings or strings.

All business takes place in various niche deal rooms, or "markets," where supply and demand converge and offers and RFx's (RFQs, RFPs, and RFIs) are submitted. If we look at this end-to-end process as a circle, it is a way to complete a task. We want to facilitate a network of people acting toward a common goal.


In South Africa, a few big players control the mainstream market, making it very difficult for small businesses to get traction. The best is to find a niche with a clear path to profitability. Our goal is to establish markets (link supply and demand) for anything legal, no matter how niche. We will try to create new markets as well by maneuvering supply and demand. If something was too expensive, difficult, or dangerous to do before, we might make a plan to make it happen.

We intend to unlock any opportunity for South Africa's struggling population so long as it is legal, and we look forward to helping marginalized people get out of poverty.
That being said, to use you need to have an understanding of business, supply and demand, and lead generation, as well as a mindset of self-reliance. If you are on the website and don't "get it,"  this platform is not for you, and you should not join.

Due to South Africa's high unemployment rate, widespread poverty, and high cost of living, platforms like ours tend to attract a lot of desperate people, sick and tired of being sick and tired, but many don't succeed as they are looking for unrealistic fast solutions and opportunities to fall into their laps and are not willing to put in the work required, starting with research and immersing themselves in the business so they can get to know the business: product, prices, quantity, quality, understand logistics, and delivery dates. It is not possible to help people who don't want to help themselves. Let us be clear: there are no quick solutions to be found here. Hard work, patience, and delayed gratification are what are required when starting out with little to nothing.