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  • Auto Electrician Business

    Auto electrician business is the process of identifying faults and repairing electrical wiring in cars and other motor vehicles.

    This business serves motorists who face problems with electrical wiring or computer-based equipment in their vehicles.

    Business Models

    ●     Mobile mechanics and auto electricians business;

    ●     Install, maintain and repair electrical wiring;

    ●     Diagnosing and repairing a vehicle's electrical faults;

    Tools & Equipment

    Starting this business requires establishing an office in a garage or similar space and hiring a team of well-qualified auto electricians.

    They will need many pieces of equipment, some of them are:

    ●     Stripper;

    ●     Test light;

    ●     Power probe;

    ●     Soldering stick;

    ●     Wire solder;

    ●     Wire holder;

    ●     Crimper;

    ●     Piercing probes;

    ●     Liquid electrical tape;

    ●     Wire back probing kit;

    ●     Fuse buddy kit;

    ●     Amp probe.



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