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  • Airbrush Business


    Airbrushing business is the process of creative decorating of bodies, vehicles, photos, apparels.

    In South Africa, there is a high demand for airbrushing services among motorcyclists and motorists.

    Business Models

    ●     Air brush supply business;

    ●     Air brush art business;

    ●     Spray painting business;

    ●     Airbrush tattoo business;

    ●     Custom airbrushing services.


    Tools & Equipment

    For running an airbrushing service you will have to hire professional art designers and supply them with airbrushing tools. An airbrush refers to a small portable tool that sprays paint, ink and dye. With it, you can spray paint any surface.

    For different surfaces, you will need different paints. For example, vinyl surfaces require “exterior paints”.



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