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  • Aircraft Business


    Aircraft business refers to running your own aircraft company, offering helicopter maintenance and repair services, manufacturing, selling and installation aircraft accessories, etc.

    This is a B2B business, it serves other companies operating in the aircraft industry.

    Business Model

    ●     Aircraft services and repairs business;

    ●     Aircraft services and repairs;

    ●     Helicopter maintenance and repairs;

    ●     Helicopter services;

    ●     Aircraft sales and/or accessories.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start your own aircraft service and repair company, you will have to buy a license, rent or build a hangar and purchase different aircraft mechanic tools and maintenance supplies. This refers to a differential cylinder pressure tester, aircraft timing indicator, engine inspection and testing complete kit, safety wire twist pliers, mechanic riveting kit, aircraft wire size drill bits as well as stainless steel safety wire and other hand tools.



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