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  • Antique Business


    Antique business is about buying, selling and collecting antiques and collectables.

    This business serves people who are passionate about buying and trading antiquities for both fun and profit.

    Business Models

    ●     Antique dealer business;

    ●     Antique restorer business;

    ●     Rare books business;

    ●     Antique furniture business;

    ●     Appraisal of antiques business;

    ●     Antiquarian books & prints / books & prints – rare

    Equipment & Materials

    Buying and selling antiques and collectables on eBay and other online platforms require only a laptop, internet connection and a safe deposit box. In order to start an antique restorers office, you will have to buy or rent an office space, properly secure it and hire sellers and antique restoration specialists.



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