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  • Artists Materials & Supply Business


    Artists materials and supply business is the process of manufacturing and selling different materials needed for creative work.

    It serves all types of artists starting with a beginning painter who is going to buy his first easel and finishing with a well-known artist who needs another professional paint brush.

    Business Models

    ●     Painting supplies and tools business;

    ●     Paint brushes manufacturing;

    ●     Drawing pencils manufacturing;

    ●     Sculpture materials‎ manufacturing;

    ●     Painting materials‎ wholesale.

    Tools & Equipment

    In order to produce artists materials and tools, you will have to decide on the size of a business you would like to start.

    For example, you can make your own pencils at home. On the other hand, manufacturing of sculpture materials, paint brushes and especially paint will require building a small factory and hiring both chemists and ordinary workers.



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