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  • Award Shield Business


    Award shield business is the process of manufacturing wood, perspex, acrylic and other award shields that serve as a reminder of a victory in a particular event such as sports event or business achievement.

    This business serves other businesses rewarding their employees, sports achievers, valuable individuals.

    Business Model

    ●     Manufacture of award shield;

    ●     Customisation of award shield;

    ●     Supply of award shield.

    Tools & Equipment

    Manufacturing award shields is no different from manufacturing other items. First, you have to decide which raw material to use. In case, you decide to make wood shields, you will need to establish connections with wood suppliers and purchase woodworking equipment.

    For making acrylic shields, you will need an acrylic bending machine, cutting, grinding and other tools.

    An interesting idea is making award shields from perspex which is a nice-looking solid transparent plastic. To manufacturing perspex items you will need plastic processing machinery.



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