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  • Babywear Business


    Babywear business is about manufacturing and/or distribution of baby clothes for children of different ages.

    In South Africa, the baby care business is booming. Studies show that on average, parents spend more money on baby clothes than on toys, games and other types of baby goods.

    Business Models

    ●     Babywear manufacturing and distribution/resale;

    ●     Newborn baby boy clothes business;

    ●     Newborn baby girl clothes business;

    ●     Baby boutique business;

    ●     Kidswear clothing rental business.

    Equipment & Materials Needed

    Babywear manufacturing business is no different from manufacturing of any other type of goods. You will have to do market research, find the best sub-niche (for example, sleepwear clothing manufacturing) and start a small factory.



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