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  • Backpacking Business


    Backpacking business refers to serving tourists who prefer low-cost independent travel. They often stay in youth hostels, use public transport instead of Uber and often are their own guides when it comes to travelling and visiting new places.

    This business is about manufacturing and selling backpacking equipment and offering accommodation and transportation services.

    Business Models

    ●     Backpackers accommodation and/or transport;

    ●     Backpacking equipment and supplies;

    ●     Bringing people backpacking business;

    ●     Climbing, hiking and backpacking business;

    ●     Camping and hiking equipment manufacturing.


    Equipment & Materials

    There are plenty of backpacking tools, therefore a smart idea is choosing and making one or several of them. For instance, if you decide to produce hiking backpacks you will have to start a small sewing factory, hire designers and tailors and buy fabrics and various accessories like jacks, hooks, etc.


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