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  • Bag Business


    Bag business is the process of manufacturing and wholesaling different types of bags including handbags, plastic bags, leather bags and other bags used for carrying multiple things and accessories. See handbags also.

    Business Model

    ●     Hand Bags;

    ●     Plastic Bags;

    ●     Recycled Bags;

    ●     Mailing Bags & Containers;

    ●     Bags - Canvas, Cotton, Hessian, Jute;

    ●     Leather Bags.

    ●     Promotional Bags

    Tools & Equipment

    To start this business, you will have to find an office space, hire seamstresses and tailors, purchase sewing machines, overlock machines and different sewing supplies. This refers to sewing machine needles, sewing scissors, rotary mat, straight pins, tailor’s chalk, rotary cutter and others.

    Also, you’ll have to establish connections with suppliers of leather, plastic, cotton or other material.


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