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  • Bakkie Accessory Business


    Bakkie accessory business refers to making and selling various bakkie accessories and vehicle parts such as car roof racks, canopy locks, canopy roof rails, external door handle, integrated canopy side air vent and other.

    It serves pickup truck owners known in South Africa as bakkies. Some of them are Ford F-150, Chevrolet Heavy Duty, GMC Compact.

    Business Model

    ●     Bakkie parts retail and distribution business;

    ●     Bakkie racks manufacture, installation and wholesale business;

    ●     Bakkie accessories service and repair business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Manufacturing bakkie equipment requires choosing one or several specific accessories to go with. For example, bakkies racks are used for carrying bulky cargo or sporting equipment, mainly bikes, overhead. To make them, you will have to find Aluminum wholesalers, purchase metal processing equipment and hire designers, engineers and other techie makers.


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