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  • Balustrade Business


    Balustrade business refers to manufacture, supply, wholesale and installation of various balustrades made of glass, steel, wood and other materials. This business serves mostly commercial clients who need balustrade systems for balconies and decks.

    Ordinary people living in big houses also order balustrades and bannisters to make their homes look more luxurious.

    Business Model

    ●     Balustrades manufacture, supply and wholesale business;

    ●     Balustrades install business;

    ●     Designing, producing and installing balustrades business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Tools and equipment you need to make balustrades depend on which material they are made of. Wooden balustrades fabrication requires saws, jack-planes, etc. For making glass balustrades, you will have to buy glass processing equipment. If you are going to install balustrades and railings, you will have to buy a track for transportation and hire workers.


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