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  • Bamboo Business


    Bamboo business refers to cultivation, manufacturing and utilization of bamboo for making different products that are widely used in our everyday’s lives.

    This business serves mainly companies using bamboo as a source material for various products like tables, chairs, blinds and hundreds of others.

    Business Models

    ●     Bamboo products manufacture and wholesale;

    ●     Bamboo growing and selling business;

    ●     Bamboo splitting and making strips for weaving business.

    Equipment & Materials

    Even though tropical countries are known as the best place to grow bamboo, the big world’s manufacturers are China and India. Thus, you can buy it from there and make your own products. For this, you will need a so-called bamboo universal machine - one machine for all needs. It was manufactured by Garnet Tools and can be ordered from their website http://www.garnetmachines.com/




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