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  • Bath Re-Enamelling Business


    Bath re-enamelling business is about resurfacing and re-enamelling sinks and baths. This service is for people whose cast-iron bathtubs have become hard to clean and dull. The reason why this business thrives is that re-enamelling is 5-10 times cheaper than buying a new bath.

    The problem, though, is that not everyone knows that this opportunity exists. Thus, an important part of this business is the right advertising.

    Business Model

    ●     Bath re-enamelling business;

    ●     Sink re-enamelling business;

    ●     Bath resurfacing and repairs business;

    Tools & Equipment

    In order to offer this type of service, you will have to buy an enamel repair kit for baths, sinks and countertops. No other equipment is needed. With it, you will be able to surprise your clients by converting their old bath into a freestanding one.




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