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  • Beadwork Business


    Beadwork business is about making and selling your own embroidery, beads, and other hand-made stuff.

    You can manufacture and wholesale it, or sell locally to individuals, cafees, restaurants. The most frequent buyers of these products are tourists and collectors who have a passion for colorful handmade stuff.

    Business Models

    ●     Beading home business;

    ●     Beadwork business;

    ●     Bead jewelry business plan.

    Equipment & Materials

    Most of entrepreneurs who start this business are truly passionate about attaching beads to one another and stringing them with a sewing needle. If you are one of them, you already have what is needed.

    Another option is hiring those who have a big deal of experience in this domain. You will have to provide them with beading tools like chain-nose pliers, flush cutters, sharp embroidery scissors, etc.


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