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  • Belt Business


    Belt business refers to making and selling different types of belts such as leather belts, nylon belts and other.

    Belts are commonly used by both men and women, adults and children. You can sell them either directly to end customer or establish connections with clothing manufacturers and work with them.

    Business model

    ●     Leather belt manufacturing and wholesale;

    ●     Nylon belt manufacturing and wholesale

    ●     Military buckle manufacturing and wholesale;

    Equipment & Materials
    Belts can be made either manually or with a belt making machine. In the first case, you will have to hire several workers and provide them with tools such as knives, needle, edge bevelers, etc. Another option is buying a belt making machine and hiring an operator.

    In both cases, you will need to find a buckle wholesaler and a provider of quality leather or nylon.




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