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  • Borehole Business

    Borehole business refers to starting a borehole drilling company which offers drilling services for different purposes such as water well drilling. Borehole drilling is also needed for gas and oil industries.

    In most cases, your customers will be corporative clients who mine gold, extract oil as well as individuals looking for help in digging a well.

    Business Models

    ●     Borehole for water well business;

    ●     Manual borehole drilling business;

    ●     Borehole Cleaning and/or maintenance;

    ●     Borehole equipment and supplies manufacture and wholesale;

    ●     Borehole equipment and supplies rental;

    ●     Borehole manufacture and wholesale.

    Equipment & Materials

    Starting this business involves buying a drilling machine, which is quite expensive, and hiring an operator. You will also have to obtain a license and get an insurance policy for your employee.


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