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  • Bottled Water Business

    Bottled water business is the process of manufacturing and selling mineral or purified water, bottling equipment, mineral water machinery and others.

    In South Africa, water quality is often considered a difficult issue. On top of that, not only rural areas but also big cities often lack drinking water. At the beginning of 2018, news of South Africa’s water crisis spread around the whole world.

    This business serves other businesses (B2B model) and ordinary customers (B2C model). 

    Business Model

    ●     Spring Water, Purified Water, Mineral Water;

    ●     Mineral Water Manufacturing;

    ●     Mineral Water Machinery & Requisites;

    ●     Bottle Manufacturers & Distributors;

    ●     Bottling Equipment;

    ●     Water Refilling Station Business;

    ●     Bottle Caps.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start your own bottled water business, you will have to purchase water purifying equipment, bottled water machines and supplies.

    Also, you can build a complete line which consists of a mineral water bottle filling machine, water filling system, linear blowing machine, air conveyors system and other parts.


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