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  • Breakfast Food Business 

    Breakfast foods business is the process of making and selling various types of breakfast meals including both healthy and junk food. This entails manufacture of breakfast cereals, frozen juice cubes, snacks, egg and cheese sandwiches, etc.

    This business serves South Africans who don’t like cooking at home or simply don’t have enough time for this activity.

    Business Models

    ●     Breakfast cereal manufacturing business;

    ●     Dietary breakfast food manufacturing and selling;

    ●     Healthy breakfast food manufacturing delivery business;

    ●     Online office food ordering and delivery business.

    Equipment & Materials Needed

    In order to succeed at breakfast foods business, you have to decide which product (or products) you are going to produce. Producing traditional food requires investing in equipment like an automatic biscuit making machine or cookie and snack making machine.

    You will also have to find a wholesaler of cereal and other ingredients.


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