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  • Breeding Business

    Breeding business is the process of planned breeding of animals for commercial purposes. This refers to dog breeding, cat breeding, cattle breeding, horse breeding as well as interbreeding (breeding of animals which are closely related genetically).

    This business serves mostly the farming industry. Another type of customer is an individual who would like to buy an exotic shorthair cat or a labrador retriever.

    Business Model

    ●     Dog breeding business;

    ●     Cat breeding business;

    ●     Cattle breeding business;

    ●     Sheep and goat breeding business;

    ●     Breeding equipment and supplies business;

    Tools & Equipment

    Dog breeders in South Africa are regulated by KUSA and have to pay annual membership fees.

    Even though breeding can be accomplished without any equipment in a natural way, professional breeders use special tools. Some of them are various boxes (for birth, breeding, replacement), waiting rooms for milking, hay and feed storage.

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