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  • Building Materials Business

    Building materials business refers to manufacturing and selling bricks, wood, clay, concrete, cement, aggregates, etc.

    This business serves the construction industry. South Africa’s government spends around R1 trillion on infrastructure development. On top of that, the private building market is growing by several percent per year.

    Business Model

    ●     Building material supply business;

    ●     Building material manufacture and wholesale business;

    ●     Advanced building materials for construction designing and manufacturing business;

    ●     Secondhand building material sale business.

    Tools & Equipment

    An interesting way to dive into this business is to start your own second-hand building materials store. You can buy used building materials from construction companies and sell them at 50% below the regular price. This refers to windows, doors, tiles, bricks, etc.

    You will need trucks, wheelbarrows, shovels, hammers and other tools.


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