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  • Business Consulting Business

    “Business сonsultants” business is the process of running your own consulting agency and helping other business owners improve their marketing strategies, find new ways to drive traffic to their websites and social media pages, make more sales and more money as a result.

    This is a B2B business serving other businesses, both big and small.

    Business Model

    ●     Business consulting service;

    ●     Business consulting company franchise business;

    ●     Small business consulting agency;

    ●     Hospitality consultants.

    Tools & Equipment

    The most important asset while running this business is trust. To build it, you will have to find a nice room and establish your company as an authority in a business consulting niche. Computers, office supplies, nice clothing, watches, smartphones are the tools you will need.

    But what your customers will care even more is reviews. You will have to hire web developers, web designers, online marketing experts to build and promote your website and social media pages which are way more important than any pieces of equipment.


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