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  • Butcher Business

    Butcher business refers to slaughtering animals and selling meat without any processing. Often butchers buy animals from farmers in big quantities and sell meat to restaurants cafes and supermarkets. Sometimes they sell it in the local markets.

    This business grows fast. The amount of vegetarians both in South Africa is reported to be low. On top of that, our country consumes more meat year by year.

    Business Models

    ●     Butchers’ Equipment & Supplies;

    ●     Kosher meat market;

    ●     Butchers products retail and wholesale;

    ●     Butchers products retail business;

    ●     Butcher shop business;

    Equipment & Materials

    Running a butchers shop requires hiring a butcher, buying butcher’s equipment, such as grinder knives and plates, ice machines, vacuum pack machines, cutting boards, tenderizers, and hiring a butcher.


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