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  • Call Centre Business

    Call centre business is the process of running an office with multiple telephone workers who receive large volume of calls from customers.

    Typically, big companies have their own call centres, but there are thousands of small businesses that prefer to outsource the process of communicating with prospective and existing customers.

    Business Model

    ●     Small business customer service call centre business;

    ●     Call centre equipment manufacture and wholesale;

    ●     Call centre training agency business.

    Tools & Equipment

    There various pieces of equipment you will need to start and run a call centre business. Some of them are:

    ●     desktops (they shouldn’t be the most powerful computers, just average Pcs or laptops for office needs);

    ●     USB Headsets (landline phones have become a history of the past);

    ●     Data handlers;

    ●     Audio recording software;

    ●     VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).



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