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  • Car Alarm Systems Business / Motor Vehicle Alarms & Anti-Theft Devices

    Car alarm systems business is the process of installing alarms and anti-theft devices in vehicles to prevent them from damage and getting stolen.

    This business serves car owners and helps them protect their vehicles properly.

    Business Models

    ●     Car alarm systems business;

    ●     Motor vehicle alarms business;

    ●     Anti-theft devices business;

    ●     Avoiding cyber-attacks to connected vehicles business (NEW!).

    Equipment & Materials

    In order to run this business, you will need two types of devices - a car alarm or other anti-theft device itself, and tools to operate with them. Typically the list of tools looks like this:

    ●     Car;

    ●     Car Alarm System;

    ●     Drill and drill bits;

    ●     Panel removal tools;

    ●     Drill bit;

    ●     Wire strippers

    ●     Solder gun;

    ●     Wire Crimpers;

    You might also need a service manual for a specific car.


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