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  • Car Parking Business

    Car parking business refers to starting your own parking area that is intended for parking various vehicles, mostly cars.

    In most big cities traffic congestion is really bad. Parking lots seem to be an obvious solution.

    This business serves everyone who experiences difficulties with parking their vehicles.

    Business Model

    ●     Parking lot business;

    ●     Parking lot supplies manufacture and wholesale business;

    ●     Parking control systems manufacture and wholesale;

    ●     Parking control systems and equipment installation service;

    ●     Parking garages business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Circling for space in the car-parking business is quite a challenge. It must be located in a busy location.

    To run a parking lot business, you will have to buy and install parking control systems, parking gates, entry and exit stations, revenue and access control equipment.

    The most popular piece of software for managing parking data is made by Amano Mcgann.


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