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  • Car Wash & Valet Service

    Car wash and valet service refer to offering car washing and valet services.

    This business serves everyone who has a car. Despite low prices, this business can be lucrative because of the high margin and small amounts of time needed to serve every client.

    Business Models

    ●     Mobile mechanics and auto electricians business;

    ●     Install, maintain and repair electrical wiring;

    ●     Diagnosing and repairing a vehicle's electrical faults;

    ●     Auto valet services business

    Tools & Equipment

    When it comes to car washing, the most important factor for success is location. Try to buy or rent a piece of land for a long term.

    You will have to hire several workers and supply them with car wash pumps, wash stations, mobile cleaning kit, soaps, detergents, spray guns and wands and other pieces of equipment.

    Valet parking business requires almost no equipment. In some cases valet podiums, key boxes and umbrellas might be needed.


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