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  • Catering Staff Business

    Catering staff business is the process of teaching stuff how to offer a mobile catering service which refers to selling prepared food from a special vehicle, organize professionally catered events and provide food service at a remote site.

    In most cases, catering is a full-cycle business which means that catering staff is responsible for serving food, cleaning the table and taking out the trash.

    Business Model

    ●     Catering staff for hire business;

    ●     Catering staff training services business;

    ●     Online catering program business;

    ●     Self-catering business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Since running a catering staff business is about starting a school for catering stuff, you will have to find a nice space with a big kitchen. Glasses, pitchers, coffee cups, ice tubs, straws, baskets, ice tubs - it’s highly recommended that you buy these items and use them during the learning process.


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