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  • Catering Business

    Catering business is the process of providing food services for hotels, pubs, ships, parks, hospitals, event venus.

    This business serves other businesses that offer various services to their customers and stay in touch with them for a long time (hours, days, weeks, months, sometimes even years).

    Business Model

    ●     Corporate catering business;

    ●     Wedding catering services business;

    ●     Cocktail reception services business;

    ●     Sit-down catering services business;

    ●     Petite take-away buffet catering businessж

    ●     Movie-set catering business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start a catering business, you will need typical tools you can find on any kitchen. Some of them are pans, pots, crockery, glasses, bain-marie, refrigerator, fridge.

    If your business entails transporting food, you will have to buy a van or car.


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