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  • Chemicals Business

    Chemical manufacturing or/and supply business is the process of producing chemicals for different uses - skin care, medicine, construction, automotive industry, etc.

    Chemical manufacturing business serves big companies who produce almost all types of products including foods and drinks.

    Business Models

    ●     Chemicals manufacturing business;

    ●     Chemical supply business;

    ●     Producing basic chemicals;

    ●     Manufacturing commodity chemicals to polymers and speciality chemicals;

    ●     Life sciences;

    ●     Speciality chemicals;

    ●     Consumer products.

    Equipment & Materials

    A chemical laboratory is an inevitable part of any chemical company. First, you will have to get a license, send, buy a lot of tools, third, hire well-educated chemists and other scientists.

    Most basic equipment for a chemical laboratory is plastic or glass bakers, florence flasks, graduated cylinders, beaker tongs, laboratory glassware and other.


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