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  • Crisps / Chips Business

    Crisps / chips business refers to making and selling very thin slices of fried and baked potato, kale, quinoa. The main requirement is, they must be crunchy.

    In South Africa, potato chips cover 20% of the total snack market which is expected to reach R2.3 billion within 2019-2023.

    This business serves cafes, restaurants and individuals who enjoy eating crunchy food.

    Business Model

    ●     Potato chips manufacture and wholesale business;

    ●     Kale, lentil, quinoa chips manufacture and wholesale business;

    ●     Chips importing and wholesale business;

    ●     Snacks bar business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To make chips, you will have to start your own plant. For this, you will need chips cutting machine, continuous chips fryer, wafer machine, food processing equipment, potato slicer. Also, you might be willing to buy french fries production line.

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