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  • Cleaning Equipment Business

    Cleaning equipment business refers to manufacturing and wholesaling various pieces of cleaning equipment such as high-pressure washing machines, industrial cleaning machines, vacuum cleaners as well as producing sponges, scourers, glass polishing cloths, cleaning brushes, protective gloves, plastic caddies for carrying the essentials, etc.

    This business serves both ordinary customers doing cleaning job on their own and other businesses - hotels, restaurants, cleaning companies.

    Business Model

    ●     High-pressure washing equipment business;

    ●     Industrial cleaning equipment business;

    ●     High-pressure water jetting equipment business;

    ●     Carpet cleaning equipment business;

    ●     Cleaning business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start a cleaning accessories supply business, you will have to establish connections with manufacturers and end-customers.

    Nothing special is needed to run this business, just long-term contracts, vehicle and several employees (couriers).


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