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  • Computer Hardware Business

    Computer hardware business refers to manufacturing and wholesaling your own computer equipment and peripherals.

    You can either start making processors, motherboards and other computer parts and sell them to computer manufacturers, or establish your company as a manufacturer of independent devices such as a computer mouse or keyboard.

    Business Model

    ●     Computer Equipment & Peripherals - Manufacturers, Distributors & Retailers;

    ●     Keyboards, Mouse, Tower, Monitor, Etc;

    ●     Laptops;

    ●     Computer Hardware Retail Shop.

    Tools & Equipment

    Starting a computer hardware business is quite a challenge because of international companies which occupied global and local markets. But there still is a place for a small company manufacturing high-quality computer keyboard or gaming mousepads.

    In case you decide to make mousepads (mousemats), you will need to find suppliers of special rubber and fabric. When it comes to equipment, you’ll need a rubber processing machine, press for bonding fabric to the upper surface and other tools.


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