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  • Construction Equipment Business

    Construction equipment business is the process of manufacturing, repairing and maintaining construction equipment and different machinery parts.

    This business serves various companies using various pieces of equipment starting with cordless drills and finishing with giant excavators used in mining exploration.

    Business Model

    ●     Construction Equipment Manufacturing Business;

    ●     Construction Equipment Import & Distribution Business;

    ●     Construction Equipment Repair & Maintenance;

    ●     Construction Equipment Hire Business;

    ●     Tool Hire Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Starting a construction equipment repair and maintenance business requires setting up a company and finding a space in a suitable location.

    You will have to establish connections with manufacturers of different parts and accessories and purchase some tools. They are jacks, jack stands, pole jacks, engine hoists, brake lathe, strut compressors, oil drain, oil caddy and many others.


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