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  • Cork Business

    Cork business refers to serving manufacturers producing champagne, wine and other drinks and beverages by making different types of cork, which is a small object used to seal a container or a bottle.

    It also refers to making corkboards and cork products such as sandals, rolls, sheets, wall and ceiling coverings, flooring, underlayment and many others.

    Cork is also called an environmental-friendly material, this is the reason why many people prefer it over plastic and other chemicals.

    Business Model

    ●     Cork Product Business;

    ●     Cork Board Business;

    ●     Wine Corks Business;

    ●     Agglomerated Cork Manufacture & Wholesale Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To make cork and cork products, you will need to find suppliers of cork oaks and purchase special equipment. This refers to a circular saw, jigsaw, sawmill, different presses, jointer, jack-plane, cutting curves, drying oven, vehicle and others.

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