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  • Costume Jewellery Business

    Costume jewellery business is the process of designing and manufacturing or buying and selling costume jewellery.

    This business serves women and girls who care about their look but cannot afford to buy a gold ring with a diamond or silver chain with locket made of some exotic and expensive precious metal.

    Business Model

    ●     Costume jewellery manufacturing business;

    ●     Costume jewellery distribution business;

    ●     Costume jewellery hire business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Since costume jewellery is made of non-precious metals (such as copper, brass, Aluminum) it is not expensive and difficult to manufacture. You will have hire designers, operators, establish connections with metal suppliers and buy so-called imitation jewellery making machine.

    Another option is investing in a 3D-printer and making jewellery out of various chemicals the most popular of which are polylactic acid, thermoplastic polyester, etc.


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