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  • Courier Service Business

    Courier service business is about starting your own delivering company which delivers various packages, mail, messages, etc.

    You can start a small company and work within your city or town. In this case, you will serve small businesses by delivering paper documents or packages to their clients.

    Another option is running an international courier service business like DHL.

    Business Model

    ●     International courier service business;

    ●     Courier service franchise business;

    ●     Courier agency business;

    ●     Bicycle messenger business;

    ●     Diplomatic courier service business.

    Tools & Equipment

    The list of tools you need to start this business depends on which type of courier service business you choose. In case you decide to create a bicycle messenger company, you will have to buy city bikes, equipment (helmets, gloves, saddle, patch kit, locks, watch or cycling computer) and hire couriers who are passionate cycling. 


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