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  • Curtain Business

    Curtain business refers to manufacturing, wholesaling, cleaning, repairing various types of curtains.

    This business serves everyone who has curtains, pelmets and other pieces of cloth that block light, drafts and water.

    Business Model

    ●     Curtain cleaning, repairs business;

    ●     Curtain alternation business;

    ●     Curtain rail and fitting manufacturing business;

    ●     Curtain rails and fittings retail business;

    ●     Pelmets and windows coverings business.

    Tools & Equipment

    One of the ways to dive into the curtain niche is to start a curtain cleaning company. You’ll need various upholstery and curtain cleaning tools such as sponge, squeegee, dustpan, scrub brush, toothbrush, vacuum cleaners for dry vacuuming, etc.


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