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  • Cutlery Business

    Cutlery business refers to designing and manufacturing butter knives, forks, kitchen togs, crab trackers and other products. In general, this includes any hand implement which is used in preparing and eating food.

    This business serves two types of customers - those who need kitchen tools for everyday purposes and those who buy silver spoons, gold knives and other luxury items for collectable purposes.

    Business Model

    ●     Cutlery manufacturing business;

    ●     Cutlery supply, wholesale and import business;

    ●     Custom cutlery and custom knives manufacturing business;

    ●     Luxury gold cutlery manufacturing business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Cutlery manufacturing requires raw materials and special equipment to process them. Firstly, you will need to establish connections with stainless steel, silver and gold suppliers. Secondly, you will have to buy cutlery manufacturing machines.


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