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  • Dating Services Business

    Dating services business is the process of enabling people to find new personal connections.

    This business serves different segments of customers. In South Africa, most households are headed by single moms. On the other hand, rehab centres, industrial areas, mines have high ratios of unmarried men.

    Shocking statistics show that in our country most men die unmarried and alone.

    Business Model

    ●     Dating matchmaking service business;

    ●     Online dating agency business;

    ●     Online dating website business;

    ●     Dating services for older adults business;

    ●     International dating agency business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Since the beginning of this century, Internet dating with computers and smartphones is becoming more and more popular.

    The best way to start this business is creating a paid niche dating website such as for Christians, sports fans, people with some medical conditions.

    You will have to hire a web developer, designer, moderator and invest in promoting (buying Google Ads, sending press releases, etc).


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