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  • Decontamination Cleaning Service Business

    Decontamination and cleaning service business is the process of removing contaminants from objects, substances or surfaces by dint of chemicals and special devices (ultrasonic cleaners, water purifiers, etc).

    This business serves dorms, garages, households as well as offices, hangars and other types of buildings.

    Business Model

    ●     Chlorine dioxide gas decontamination services business;

    ●     Biodecontamination in living areas services business;

    ●     Surface and air disinfecting services business;

    ●     Full services cleaning company business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Decking installation equipment list includes a framing hammer, levels, plumb bob, cement hoe, socket wrench, crescent wrench and other.

    You’ll also have to invest in safety goggles, first aid kit and ear defenders.


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