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  • Disposable Tableware Business

    Disposable tableware business refers to manufacturing plastic and paper tablecloths, cups, placemats, cutlery, napkins and other products.

    In recent years, the market share of biodegradable production increases drastically. It can be assumed that in the near future in South Africa (and in the rest of the world) biodegradable materials like sugarcane, bamboo, wheat straw, palm leaves, or various types of flours (rice, wheat and sorghum) will replace polystyrene and other chemicals which are considered a possible health hazard.

    Business Model

    ●     Disposable paper plates manufacture and wholesale business;

    ●     Disposable plastic cups manufacture and wholesale business;

    ●     Disposable tablecloths manufacture and wholesale business;

    ●     Paper napkins manufacture and wholesale business.

    Tools & Equipment

    One of the ways to dive into this business is to start manufacturing eco-friendly 100% compostable biodegradable tableware. In this case, you will have to invest in tableware tray pulp moulding production line and biodegradable tableware machinery.


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