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  • Draughting & Design Services

    Draughting and design services business is the process of designing, creating drafts and 3D-models of real objects.

    Over the last few years, draughting and other paperwork have been almost completely replaced with 2В and 3D modelling.

    Business Models

    ●     Building scale models of buildings;

    ●     Building scale models of cars and other objects

    ●     3D modelling and printing business;

    ●     Drafting and Design Services;

    ●     Architectural Drafting Business.

    Equipment & Materials

    This business can be done completely virtually, which means, only a powerful computer is a must. You will have to invest in software like AudoCad, SolidWorks, TurboCad.

    If you decide to expand your business, you might be willing to purchase a 3d-printer and print out your models in a snap thereby surprising and inspiring your customers.


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