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  • Dried Product Business

    Dried product business refers to dried fruit processing, packing and wholesaling.

    Drying, which is considered to be the oldest method of preserving food, is often used for making apple chips, dried apricot, banana chips, dates, dried fig, fig rolls, goji and other goods.

    Experts say South Africa’s, as well as global freeze-dried food market, is only expected to grow in the coming years.

    Business Model

    ●     Dried food and vegetable factory business;

    ●     Harvesting, drying and storing herbs business;

    ●     Industrial drying equipment supply business;

    ●     Dried fruit retail shop business.

    Tools & Equipment

    For industrial drying, you will have to buy various pieces of equipment. Some of them are electric dehydrators, conventional ovens, oven thermometers as well as trays, racks and other accessories.


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