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  • Drinking Fountain Business

    Drinking fountain business is the process of designing, manufacturing, installing and selling small fountains whose main function is providing drinking water.

    This business serves other businesses such as cafes and restaurants which often provide free water. Sometimes, there are drinking fountains in city parks, playgrounds. For some people who live in private homes, a drinking fountain is an integral part of their courtyard.

    Business Model

    ●     Indoor drinking fountain manufacture and wholesale business;

    ●     Outdoor drinking fountain manufacture and wholesale business;

    ●     Drinking fountain installation and repair business;

    ●     Water coolers, drinking fountains, ice machines supply business;

    ●     Public drinking water fountain installation business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start a drinking fountain manufacturing business you will need hacksaws, utility knives,

    packing blankets, safety glasses, power drills, work gloves.

    Installing a drinking fountain is a time-consuming process. You will need screws, screwdrivers, adjustable wrench and other tools.


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