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  • Driveways and Pathways Business

    Driveways and pathways business is the process of building private roads to some group of structures or other buildings that are owned by a family, company or another group of people.
    In South Africa, it makes sense to offer this service only in big cities. A typical customer is a rich household or company that needs a short private road to its office.

    Business Model

    ●     Block paving driveway service business;

    ●     Gravel driveways, patios, landscaping business;

    ●     Driveway seal coating business;

    ●     Asphalt paving, driveway repair and stonework business.

    Tools & Equipment

    This business requires buying trowels, float blades, edgers, brooms, grinders, polishers, a dust collection system and hiring qualified workers.

    Also, you’ll have to buy a truck or van and miscellaneous tools such as working cloth, working gloves, protective glasses.


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