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  • Drone Services Business

    Drone services business refers to drone videography, photography, drone aerial inspections, mapping, etc.

    With the emergence of drones, it got a lot easier to take aerial photos, make videos for different purposes and even deliver packages.

    This business serves not only commercial (B2B model) and individual (B2C model) customers, but also state organisations (B2G model). For instance, in 2019 South Africa’s National Blood Service started to use drones to deliver blood.

    Business Model

    ●     Commercial Drone Services;

    ●     Drone Services and Aerial Inspections;

    ●     Aerial Drone Videography and Photography Service

    ●     Drone Photography Business;

    ●     Drone Infrastructure Inspection Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Running a commercial drone business requires obtaining a license and building a fleet of drones. An important part of almost every drone is a camera. It makes sense to buy one with good zoom capabilities, big size memory cards and quality lenses.


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