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  • Electric Motor Business

    Electric motor business is the process of manufacturing and selling various electrical machines whose function is producing mechanical energy by converting electrical energy. There are over ten different types of electric motors that are widely used in modern technologies.

    Electric motors are an integral part of modern elevators, car engines, train engines, servo-systems, etc. In this way, this business serves other businesses producing various machines and pieces of equipment.

    Business Model

    ●     Electric motor manufacture and wholesale business;

    ●     Electric motor rewinding business;

    ●     Electric motors repair shop business;

    ●     Electric motor parts and repair business;

    ●     Electric motors for power tools business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Manufacturing of electric motors, generators and other drives requires building a factory and buying expensive equipment and machinery. This includes drill presses, drill press vices, engineering hand tools, bench vices, bench grinder stands, bench grinder wheels, accessories and other. An important asset of such a factory is an engineering department. You will have to start a science laboratory and buy computers, projectors, whiteboards.


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