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  • Electrical / Electrician Business

    Electrical / electrician business refers to doing residential, commercial, industrial and other types of electrical works as well as working with different kind of controls for assembly lines machinery, etc.

    This business serves both residential clients facing difficulties with lighting, electrical supply, similar problems and commercial customers looking for electrical contractors.

    Business Model

    ●     Electrician Business;

    ●     COC;

    ●     Electrical Supply Business;

    ●     Lighting;

    ●     Master Electricians;

    ●     Electrical Contractors - Master;

    ●     Electrical Supplies & Wholesale & Manufacturers.

    Tools & Equipment

    To run this business successfully, you will need much more than an ordinary electrical repair kit. This refers to wire strippers, different types of pliers (diagonal, Lineman’s), voltage testers, conduit benders, cable cutters, scissors, rod, ropes, crimping tools, a knockout punch. armoured cable cutters.

    Also, you will need working cloth, working gloves and safety glasses for some works.


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